Hursley HWC: suggested kit to take on trips

If you haven't been on a trip with us before, or you aren't sure what technical equipment you will need, you should consult this list before packing!  It may sound fussy, but having the wrong kit on the hill can make the difference between a fun day out and being cold, wet and miserable!  (I speak from experience here...)  Decent kit does cost, but it is worth getting hold of, particularly for winter trips where it's more critical.  For some of the high winter walks, you just won't be able to take part unless you have the right equipment.

If you work for IBM, don't forget that the IBM employee discount scheme (Bringme) gets you 20% off at Cotswold Outdoor, which makes the shopping slightly less painful.

As we normally stay in Youth Hostels, you may need a few more things than if you were staying in a B&B.  For example:

Finally - if you aren't sure what you need for a particular trip, have a chat with the organiser who may be able to advise you.  There is some advice in two books in the club library - "The Hillwalker's Manual" and "The Hillwalker's Guide to Mountaineering" (both published by Cicerone).

Kit for Winter trips

This assumes a 4/5 day walking trip :- (this might sound a lot but if the weather is foul, you may need it, if it’s good you won’t need it all , but it is better to have more than you need than less)

Outer wear
Inner layers
Other walking equipment

Kit for Summer trips

Summer trips tend to be shorter, and the walking easier.  However it is still worth checking your kit before you leave.

Outer layers

You should still carry a waterproof shell (top and trousers) but doesn't have a be a heavy one.
Boots - don't go out hillwalking in trekking sandals, stubbed toes hurt and don't protect against nettles!

Other layers

Other walking equipment
Rucksack - doesn't have to be as big as a winter one, 20-30 litres is enough
Waterproof liner for above - it rains in summer too!
Walking poles if desired
Personal First aid kit - especially for blisters
Sun Cream - vital
Sun Hat - also very handy