o Hursley HWC: 2003 AGM

IBM Hursley Hillwalking Club

Annual General Meeting - 2003

Held in Butterlip How YHA, Grasmere, Lake District
on Friday 28 February 2003


  1. Chairman's welcome
  2. Adoption of minutes from 2002 AGM
  3. Chairman's report
  4. Secretary's report
  5. Treasurer's report
  6. Election of officers for 2003-4
  7. AOB


People at the meeting and apologies received are listed below:
Present:Apologies received from:
John Housego (chairman)
David Haigh
Alasdair Paton (secretary)
Denise Fenwick
Denise Haverty
Diana Ashworth (treasurer)
Hazel Fix (quartermaster)
Graham and Peter Cogle
Justine Grose
Valory Batchellor
Helen Kirk
John and Mary Timms
Jim Warnes
Mark Moriai

The meeting was chaired by John Housego and minutes taken by Alasdair Paton.

Adoption of minutes from 2002 AGM

The minutes from last year's meeting were circulated by AJP during the meeting. These were accepted (proposed: Mary Timms, seconded: Valory Batchellor).

Officers' reports

Chairman's report

The chairman said a few words of welcome and handed over to the Secretary.

Secretary's report (Alasdair Paton)

Firstly the web site was established in the past year, and seems to be a useful source of information for club members.

A written report (see here for PDF version - 450kB) was circulated at the meeting. Lists of all the major trips in the year are listed in there. A summary of the trips we made between April 2002 and February 2003 follows:

There were also a large number of local walks through the summer, both on weekday evenings and at weekends.

Treasurer's report (Diana Ashworth)

Diana provided a set of accounts for the previous year which showed the club finances looking healthy. There were 17 full members of the club during 2003-03. A total of 124.14 was available in the bank at the close of the year. It was agreed that the existing subscription (5 per member, per annum) was sufficient to cover expenses and would be maintained.

The accounts were proposed by Valory Batchellor and seconded by Hazel Fix, and were agreed unanimously.

Diana confirmed that she would not stand for Treasurer in 2003-04.

Election of officers for 2003/4

As mentioned above, Diana did not stand for re-election as Treasurer. All other committee members were standing for re-election:

Diana wanted to remain on the committee but not as a named post - in order that there would be sufficient signatories in Hursley at any given time.

Denise Fenwick was the only nominee for the post of Treasurer (proposed: Hazel Fix, seconded: Denise Haverty).

Since there was only one candidate for each post, the candidates were elected en bloc. (Proposed: Justine Grose, seconded: David Haigh, carried unanimously).


This became a discussion about trips to be arranged for next year.

Firstly we looked at local walks. It was agreed that these did not begin until too late in the season last year, so the following people were asked to arrange the calendar for local walks starting in late May/early June:

Mark Moriai mentioned that there are a number of sponsored walks taking place around Hampshire and Wiltshire in May, which the club might like to attend:

Longer trips discussed were:
USA (Catskills)Jim WarnesSeptember?
Scotland?not sure, due to USA trip?
Mid WalesHazel Fix?
Ilfracombe, DevonHazel FixMay
Wast Water, Lakes?June
Lakes?Feb 2004

It was agreed that a planning meeting would be held to sort out the above list by mid March 2003.

Finally a vote of thanks was proposed to the outgoing committe (by Valory and Denise Fenwick). The meeting was then closed.