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<>The Hillwalking Subsection of the IBM Hursley Club was founded in 1988 by a group of outdoor minded IBMers who wanted to travel to and walk in the hillier regions of Britain, Hampshire not being known for its mountaineering challenges. The Club continues to organise trips for its members, as well as having a store of equipment which is available for club members to borrow. We have also organised courses in winter skills, navigation and mountain safety for members. We have recently been organising walks in the local area as well; these have proved a popular post-work activity through the summer and it's often surprising how much good walking there is close to home.

The club is open to IBMers and non-IBMers, and offers a number of things:
You can find details of our currently planned trips off the homepage, and of our previous trips in the archive.

It's worth noting that the HWC is NOT a rock-climbing club, although there are a number of climbing walls in Hampshire if you want to do that.  Some other useful walking-related links follow:

The Committee - who's who

The club's committee are responsible for making the various club events happen, along with extra help gratefully received from other club members not on the committee. We have the following people currently serving (last update 24th November 2017)):

Chairman: Hazel Fix

Hazel and Peter

Hazel was a founder member of the HWC and was formerly the quartermaster. Hazel is a very active member
of the club, organizing many of the away trips.

Treasurer: Geoff Judd

Geoff Torridon

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the income of the club, and liaising with the IBM Hursley Club over our budget. This comes from the annual subscriptions and is used primarily to buy maps and other pieces of equipment.

Secretary: Stephen Cocks

Quartermaster: Kathryn McMullan

Kathryn keeps all of our maps and equipment safe. Kathryn also e-mails information about walks to the club distribution list.

Further committee members:

David Haigh

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